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Intentional Growth™ is a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow the value of their business, create exit options and maximize their take home dollars WHILE leaving a legacy they are proud of. With over 300,000 downloads and thousands each week, Ryan Tansom’s mission is to bring you all the information he wishes he had before they sold their business. By interviewing entrepreneurs who’ve had 6, 7, 8 and 9 figure exits, top thought leaders and authors (from Forbes, Inc. HBR, EY, EO and EOS to name a few), technical advisors, and many others, you’ll get clarity on your target valuation and best exit option so you can control your journey into a life after business. The goal? Clarity and control. Create a company that kicks out cash, gives you the life you want to live, exit options to sell when you want, for how much you want and to the buyer of your choice so you can leave a legacy.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #236: Day Trader Turns Entrepreneur: How to Identify Market Trends and Create Value

    Day traders and entrepreneurs have more in common that you might think. Maceo Jourdan and I take a deep dive into how market trends control both, and what lets the smart entrepreneur and trader know when to get in . . . and when to get the heck out as ...


  2. #235: PIVOT! How One Trade Show Company Ended 2020 with More Cash Than They Started

    The tradeshow industry was one of the hardest-hit in 2020 and while 30% of companies managed to take full advantage of unstable markets, 30% scraped bottom or worse. Rising from the bottom third, Mark Johnson ended the year with more cash than he started. Listen in to hear how he ...


  3. #234: $0 to $10 Million in Four Years: How One SaaS Start-up Scaled & Sold Without Outside Capital

    Hitting on all cylinders requires focus and intention. Terri Soutor, CEO of FastBridge, recognized that early on and chose dedicated partners who had a great idea and, through amazing service, could deliver high value to their target clients. This approach scaled their SaaS-based business 10x over four years, without having ...


  4. #233: Dominate Your Industry By Increasing Your Revenue Per Employee with Daniel Marcos

    Daniel Marcos, Co-Founder of Growth Institute, talks about what drove him to write ImpactX, a book about the four stages of a business, and how the age-old metric of revenue per employee can be the best indicator of the overall health of your company. However, he also found limits on ...


  5. #232: My Vanity Metric is Cash Flow: How SureSwift Capital Acquired 38 Businesses in 5 years

    By focusing on the right metrics, like cash flow and enterprise value, and combining these with the right strategies and use of capital, Kevin McArdle was able to quit corporate America and buy a couple of small online businesses that he snowballed into a portfolio of 38 highly profitable SaaS ...