Scaling from $300k to $18 Million [Part 1 The Growth Story]

March 07, 2019

Today’s guest has a story so big and honest, I had to break it into two episodes. Michael Kaplan was a financial partner in ZeroRez, a Minnesota based carpet cleaning company. He is super authentic and honest about what it was like to scale a 300 thousand dollar business up to 18 million. Part one of this interview focuses on how Michael stumbled into the carpet cleaning business and the ups and downs that he and his partners encountered. We discuss the mistakes Michael and his...

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6 Figure Income After the Exit Through a Leveraged Funded Platform

February 28, 2019

Bill Smith is a principal consultant for Navigate Group, a strategic business solution provider. Navigate works with business owners and high-level executives to find ways to save the company money through tax benefits and expense evaluation. It is a win-win situation that provides leverage to your company and takes a lot of the stress out of the equation. Bill tells me about the leverage funded program and the other services Navigate offers to its clients. We cover who should use thi...

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Scaling from $10 to $30 Million in 3 yrs through Sales and M&A

February 21, 2019

Troy Berg is the owner of Dane Manufacturing. Today he tells me about purchasing the company and how he grew the business by 3x! Troy is a great motivational speaker and has smart advice for my listeners. Troy credits 8 acquisitions for his impressive business growth. He used a combination of organic growth and M&A deals. Troy covers both of these subjects and has some awesome insight. He shares his experience with hiring salespeople and why he believes A-players will pay for them...

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Philanthropy, Charitable Tax Strategies and a Life After Business

February 14, 2019

St. Paul & Minnesota Foundations (SPMCF) helps charitable organizations and investors determine the purpose of funds and measure their impact. It gives funds to the right people, for the right reasons. Luther Ranheim is a gift planner at SPMCF. He connects professional advisors, clients, and community members with philanthropic resources to help them reach charitable giving goals. Also, Luther assists non-profit organizations with planned giving and endowment opportunities.

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Understanding Business Valuations & Value Drivers: How to Double the Value of Your Company

February 07, 2019

Ken Sanginario is the founder of Corporate Value Metrics and creator of the Value Opportunity Profile. He is also an educator who teaches business owners about the importance of intrinsic value. He has a myriad of certifications and credentials that make him the ideal guest for this subject. If you are a business owner or looking purchase a business today’s episode is chalked full of information about the Value Opportunity Profile and Company Specific Risk. This standard system...

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