Entrepreneurship is an Addiction: Multiple Exits and Back at it Again

June 20, 2019

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What If Your Company Had Its Own Private Stock Market?

June 13, 2019

Father and son team Chris and Graham McConnell are the founders of Nth Round, a software platform that allows business owners and potential investors to find each other. Nth Round allows employees and outside investors to bid for shares in a company. The idea is that the platform simplifies the process of getting funding and liquidity for a business. Chris and Graham tell me how they created the blockchain system Nth Round is built upon. We discuss who benefits from this platform and why they...

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Axial: The Platform to To Help You Buy & Sell Companies

June 06, 2019

Peter Lehrman is the CEO of Axial, an online platform that connects business sellers and buyers to find the best merger and acquisition partnership possible. Peter comes from an entrepreneur family. He studied at Stanford and learned the ins and outs of M&A through the private equity industry. During his time in private equity, Peter saw a very inefficient process that inspired him to develop Axial. He shares how his platform closes information gaps for both sellers and buyers. We discuss...

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An Unfiltered Discussion on Financing Growth, Selling a Business and the Future State of M&A

May 30, 2019

Ilan Jacobson is the Founding Partner & CEO of FirePower Capital. It has become the largest independent mergers and acquisitions firm in Canada. During today’s episode, Ilan tells me what he suspects will happen in the M&A market and why the current system is really overly complicated. The economy is going to be undergoing some major changes over the next few years. M&A and private equity firms are going to have to look at smaller businesses and...

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How to Sell a SaaS, E-Commerce or Digitally Native Company

May 23, 2019

My guests today are Chris Shipferling and Jason Somerville both of Global Wired Advisors. Chris and Jason have a combined background in merger and acquisitions and digital marketing. Global Wired Advisors specializes in e-commerce businesses looking to diversify into traditional marketplaces. Chris and Jason tell me how they take their experience, that usually is used for huge, monstrous companies and make it accessible to the lower end of the multi-million level companies. They share some ex...

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