Learn How to Profit First & Take Control of Your Business with Mike Michalowicz

August 14, 2019

When Mike made it big, he lived the lifestyle and grew an ego the size of his business. But after the funds ran out, that’s when he learned his biggest lesson about entrepreneurship.  Today I talk to Mike (Motorbike) Michalowicz about his financial heartattack, the best way to get started, and the first step to building a valuable company. What You Will Learn:

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Chasing Perfection - Shatter the Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success

August 07, 2019

Sue Hawkes is the award-winning author of the book, Chasing Perfection: Shatter the Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success. In this episode, she about the basis and philosophies behind the book.  Chasing Perfection is a book about business leadership written by a woman, for women. However, imposter syndrome can happen to anyone. Sue brings her personal and professional experience to her book and...

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The Great Game of Business – The Only Sensible Way to Run a Company

July 31, 2019

If you need to change the game of your business, increase its value, and create a culture where everyone is moving in the same direction, take a listen to this episode. Today, I talked with Jack Stack (author of “The Great Game of Business”). Jack did hard time. And by that he means, he dealt with hard decisions back in 1983 when he and 12 other managers were desperately trying to save the jobs of 112 p...

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Buy, then Build and Sell After 5 Years - How to Create Wealth and Run a Business

July 25, 2019

If you are listening to this and wondering who could buy your business, or if you want to buy a business yourself, this episode is for you. In this episode, you’ll hear the story of Mike Wickam, a corporate refugee who spent a few decades turning around big divisions of companies like Verizon. He acquired a ton of knowledge about how to build teams and grow sales. But after years of this, he found he was losing his positivity and becoming cynical. Mike left and started his own consultin...

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The Critical Role of Women in Changing Business and Leadership

July 18, 2019

Mary Key is a successful woman entrepreneur who wants to encourage other women entrepreneurs to step up and throw their hats into the ring for leadership roles. Mary has a Ph.D. and has written four books. Today, she tells me about her latest book Seizing Success: A Woman's Guide to Transformational Leadership. She explains why she wrote the book and what she noticed during her research for it. We discuss how women change the dynamics of their companies...

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