STOP and Reflect on What You Want

February 15, 2017

He’s worked in sports management with the likes of Brett Favre, he bought and sold four businesses by the time he was 35, he’s done multiple M & As in his time as an investment banker, and now he’s a bestselling author (Networking is a Contact Sport, Moving the Needle), speaker and coach. He also loves the work of our recent guests Dean Niewolny and Lloyd Reeb over at the Halftime Institute. With that kind of background and experience you can probably guess, we were not exactly sho...

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Increase Your EBITDA by 15%

February 08, 2017

We speak to a man who has been there and done it… from the business buyer to the eventual seller of his own company.  Jamison West overhaul his business model from the traditional IT, time and material (trading dollars for hours), to the new Managed IT Services monthly recurring model.  His new business gave him a 15%  jump in EBITDA, from the original 4%, so he was averaging to a healthy 17%! Jamison gained great insight into the whole sale/valu...

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Data is Crucial When You Sell Your Company

February 01, 2017

We’ve got a seriously wise man on the show this week. Not only did he sell his business for way more than the original offer, he then strategically mapped out the framework for his second half and he is having a blast doing it! Rob’s goal for his life after business was to go into another venture, but despite feeling restless while working for the company he sold to, he only took the plunge once he had identified an opportunity that met the five strict criteria he’d devised. He is a gr...

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Do You Want to Be King or Do You Want to Be Rich?

January 25, 2017

We’ve had some excellent discussions about the many benefits that an ESOP can bring, so we thought it was time to go in-depth with someone about their own ESOP exit journey. Having built up her own highly successful SEO business, Nina Hale has now begun her second half and is in a life after business where she has some great balance and passion in her new ventures. Her story is a great example of how an ESOP can benefit a company every bit as much as it can benefit the seller. ...

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Owner of Drip Sells to Leadpages Without Losing Sight of his Principles

February 08, 2018

My guest today is Rob Walling. Rob is a serial entrepreneur that built one of the most successful ecommerce marketing platforms on the market, maybe you’ve heard of it… Drip. We discuss Rob’s early entry into the world of business and how he became a giant in the tech space. He lives by 3 main principles that have guided him on his entrepreneurial journey. He shares why these principles are so import...

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