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Intentional Growth™ is a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow the value of their business, create exit options and maximize their take home dollars WHILE leaving a legacy they are proud of. With over 300,000 downloads and thousands each week, Ryan Tansom’s mission is to bring you all the information he wishes he had before they sold their business. By interviewing entrepreneurs who’ve had 6, 7, 8 and 9 figure exits, top thought leaders and authors (from Forbes, Inc. HBR, EY, EO and EOS to name a few), technical advisors, and many others, you’ll get clarity on your target valuation and best exit option so you can control your journey into a life after business. The goal? Clarity and control. Create a company that kicks out cash, gives you the life you want to live, exit options to sell when you want, for how much you want and to the buyer of your choice so you can leave a legacy.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. #171: Why the Time to Sell Is When You're Doing Well

    Today on the show, I’m with Chad Peterson (and his beard), who is here to share his story about growing and selling six companies (including a mortgage business back in the 2000s back when the financial crisis hit). He is here to share the lessons he has learned, ...


  2. #170: How One Week Killed the Perfect Billion Dollar Deal

    On today’s episode, I’m talking with Sunny Vanderbeck. He’s here today to share his wild and crazy ride as an entrepreneur and now as a private equity investor. Through his professional and personal journeys, Sunny realized that “business” is so ingrained in people who you are and what ...


  3. #169: How to Build a Company that Manages Itself: Living in the Owner's Box after Implementing EOS

      On today’s episode, I’m talking with Tech Guru founder and EOS expert, Daniel Moshe. We’re talking about how he started his business, how he grew it, how he balanced and dealt with personal and professional challenges. We also go over his business partner (Micah Thor), how he followed ...


  4. #168: Selling a Business to a Family Office: an Insider's Perspective

    Today I’m talking with Paul Moffett about what a family office is, and what selling a business to a family office is like. We’re talking about the difference between a family office, an independent office, and a private equity firm. Which is right for you? Who is a ...


  5. #167: Rock the Recession: How Successful Leaders Prepare for, Thrive During, and Create Wealth After Downturns

    On today’s show, I talk with recession expert Jonathan Slain about his experience, parts of his recession plan, the importance of having a recession plan, and how to find the value of your business. Jonathan also talks about the book he and his cowriter (Paul Belair) wrote, “Rock ...