Private Equity Recapitalization: How it Works

July 25, 2018
Mike O’Neill is the director at Stone Arch Capital. Stone Arch is a mid-market, mid-western based private equity firm. I met Mike on a panel, during which he gave a very clear and articulate explanation of how the “second bite of the apple” works for companies who work with private equity firms. Today, Mike and I discuss why business owners choose to work with a private equity firm. He also gives us s...
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The Ability to Pivot: A Home Run Exit Story

July 19, 2018
The co-founder of HAAWK, Inc. Ryan Born joins me for today’s episode. Before HAAWK, Ryan was the founder and CEO of AudioMicro, Inc. AudioMicro was a media rights management company. Its most successful venture was AdRev. Ryan explains what that service was and why he felt it worked. We take the journey with Ryan through AudioMicro’s beginnings, the pivots, the changes in the media rights industry, an...
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Serial Entrepreneur Exits Multiple Industries

July 12, 2018
My guest today is Jeff Smith. Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who has owned a variety of businesses ranging from a literal brick and mortar business to his current endeavor Jet Dental. He has gained a lot of experience from each of his companies. However, the one constant he has built his business model on is bringing value to the customers and the industry as a whole. We discuss what Jeff considers val...
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3 IPOs - How to Look at Your Company Through Wall Street's Eyes

July 05, 2018
Roger Sippl is the founder and former CEO of Informix Software. Roger began his career in computer science during the early days of the computer age. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma during college, Roger explains how this life and death situation changed how he approaches business. After the health scare, Roger switched his major to computer science and found a need for cleaner and more...
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How to Hire an Investment Banker to Sell Your Company

June 27, 2018
Mark Jordan is an investment banker who joins me for today’s episode. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t know why it is crucial to hire an advisor before and during a sale process. Mark gives the audience an overview of the investment banking sphere and the scope of the services offered by most firms. He works with a “middle market” firm and explains what the middle market is and what the other tiers are for context. We discuss Mark’s company’...
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