How to Use Insurance In Your Exit Plan

August 30, 2018
Chris Steffl is the owner of MVP Service Solutions, an insurance wholesaler that offers 1000s of products from over 100 carriers. Chris’s background in insurance and finances gives him a unique perspective on the relationship between insurance and business. We discuss the common mistakes and problems business owners have when setting up their insurance needs. Insurance is a complex part of exit...
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Friends Don’t Let Friends Overpay on Taxes: A Deep Dive into Cost Segregation

August 23, 2018
Jodi Nielsen and David Deshotels are Cost Segregation Services Incorporated team members. CSSI is a cost segregation firm. The company performs cost segregation studies for business owners to get the optimal value out of their business. Jodi and David join me today to tell me what cost segregation is and why business owners should consider it.  They have tons of examples and reasons for choosing the c...
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Passion, Planning and Perseverance: One Man’s Story of Surviving Y2K as a Tech Company

August 16, 2018
My guest today is Scott Schwefel. Scott is a business coach, leadership, and team trainer. He has had a bumpy road during his time as a struggling entrepreneur. We talk about 3 of his businesses and how each one has taught him something about himself and the importance of good team dynamic and communication. Currently, Scott is a speaker who promotes the Discovery method of business management. He...
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Measure What Really Matters When You Exit Your Company

August 09, 2018
Mike Rynchek is the founder of Spyder Trap, a digital marketing consulting agency. He sold it to Bright Health in 2017. He walks me through the history of Spyder Trap and how he transitioned the company for Bright Health’s use. He had to settle client relationships that didn’t fit into Bright’s new direction. Relationship is a big word for Mike. He spent most of his energy focusing on his company’s reputation. As well as building good working relatio...
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Selling Your Business: Plan for a Life After

August 01, 2018
Everybody thinks about the big payout when they sell their business. However, very few people are prepared for the emotional toll the sale takes on them. My guest today is Laura Rich a successful former journalist who founded a publication called Street Fight. She took her experience of selling that business and built a community for other entrepreneurs who find themselves lost after the post-exit. Th...
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