Building a 134-Year-Old Company Using The Purest Form of Capitalism

October 04, 2018
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3 Phases to a Transaction: How to Maximize the Sale

September 27, 2018
The executive managing director of Watermark Advisors, Hagen Rogers tells me about his approach to M&A (mergers and acquisitions) counseling. He discusses the common issues he saw in the M&A process with is his clients. We explore how these issues changed his approach to M&A and what lead to Watermark’s service model. During today’s episode, we explain why M&A is like a bridge and how...
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How to Grow Your Company with Storytelling and a Simple Message

September 20, 2018
David Mann is an expert storyteller. He helps companies identify who their customer is and how to communicate with that customer. So many businesses make the mistake of making their marketing and sales pitch about themselves. David proves that a potential client wants to know how you can help them and advance their business. We talk about how to craft your company’s story so that you have a clear visi...
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M&A is Messy: The Impact of Company Culture Pre and Post Sale

September 13, 2018
Jennifer Fondrevay is the founder of Day One Ready, a consulting firm for business owners going through mergers and acquisitions. Jennifer specializes in keeping the human element of selling businesses in the forefront. Today, she tells me about her experiences with M&A and how she has met a need that many businesses don’t think about until after the fact. That need, of course, is keeping your emp...
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How Much Do You Need to Sell Your Company for? The Goal: Lifetime Cash Flow

September 06, 2018
Brandon Wood is one of my partners in GEXP Collaborative. He has decades of financial experience and is a partner with Solidity Financial. Today’s topic is how to use your numbers to get the best possible exit option for your situation. Many business owners tend to forget that their business fuels their lifestyle. Brandon shares how doing the research and due diligence for your business will show you...
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