An Unfiltered Discussion on Financing Growth, Selling a Business and the Future State of M&A

May 30, 2019

Ilan Jacobson is the Founding Partner & CEO of FirePower Capital. It has become the largest independent mergers and acquisitions firm in Canada. During today’s episode, Ilan tells me what he suspects will happen in the M&A market and why the current system is really overly complicated. The economy is going to be undergoing some major changes over the next few years. M&A and private equity firms are going to have to look at smaller businesses and deal with a totally different type of business owner. Ilan explains how these private equity firms are going to have to adapt and what you the business owner need to be aware of when considering the M&A and P.E. route.

What you will learn:

  • The beginnings of FirePower Capital and Ilan’s background in Venture Capital.
  • The importance of a healthy company ecosystem.
  • Why debt to equity is stupid.
  • How private growth capital is going to change the M&A market.
  • Why Ilan focuses on enterprise value.
  • The dumb ways to rationalize the burn of money.
  • Ilan’s market predictions for the private equity sector.
  • How the P.E. market will change.
  • How people can prepare for these changes.
  • 3 tips to make your business marketable and valuable.


If you are considering private equity and mergers and acquisitions for your business, use your common sense. Trust your gut and surround yourself with people who can help and guide you through the process.

Links and Resources:

GEXP Collaborative
Ilan Jacobson on LinkedIn
Ilan’s email

About Ilan:

Ilan Jacobson is the Founding Partner & CEO of FirePower Capital and has transformed the firm from a small 4-person family office into a 30+ strong investment banking and private capital powerhouse. Ilan leads FirePower Capital in all its endeavors, setting its strategic direction, providing top-level guidance on key transactions undertaken by the Investment Banking division, and assessing new direct investments for FirePower’s Private Capital funds. Under his leadership, FirePower invests in Canada’s entrepreneurs by financing their growth directly with private debt or equity and helps them complete their most critical transactions.

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