Intentional Growth

#282: Leveling Up Your Business by Identifying Mental Blind Spots with Dr. Stacy Feiner

#282: Leveling Up Your Business by Identifying Mental Blind Spots with Dr. Stacy Feiner
Intentional Growth
#282: Leveling Up Your Business by Identifying Mental Blind Spots with Dr. Stacy Feiner

If you have ever experienced the feeling of being overworked, miscommunicated with and unmotivated towards the greater vision, then this episode is for you.Dr. Stacy Feiner—a nationally-recognized innovative and business psychologist, leadership coach, and mentor—has helped hundreds of business owners identify their mental barriers and develop a plan to become a top performer. Today’s episode is a ruthlessly honest look at when business owners need business coaching and why putting it off will cost you.

Dr. Feiner shares with us the inherent limitations that come with our own life experiences and how they impact the way we process what we’re experiencing now, from the deal table to a hard talk with our partner. We have mental blind spots where we can’t perceive a different perspective or experience properly, causing miscommunications and mismanagement of our lives and our businesses. This problem is more pervasive than we realize, but Dr. Feiner offers a solution in this episode. Are you ready to level-up your business?


What You Will Learn

  • How to identify and solve the 7 invisible mental blockers that could be holding you back
  • Why it’s important to organize all your priorities into one “ecosystem” of 7 stakeholder groups
  • The four components to strengthen your mindset to achieve the growth you want; psychology, talent, environment, and brain science
  • The difference between therapy and coaching; are you striving to achieve more or stop the fall?
  • Why self-awareness is a crucial attribute of top performers
  • Why Psychology is the most sophisticated science for channeling human drive, talent and potential
  • The four phases to optimize your own psychology to improve performance and achieve your goals faster
  • How to execute a single strategy to align all aspects of your ecosystem
  • Why Dr. Stacy compares business owners to triathletes and how an athletic coach mirrors a business coach
  • The importance of understanding what you want from your business and why when it comes to hiring a coach
  • How Dr. Feiner uses the lens of psychology to tap into the invisible dynamics that make people tick and groups click - and how you can too



Dr. Stacy Feiner is a nationally-recognized innovative psychologist known for leveling-up the output of elite performers and the complex systems they lead. Using the lens of psychology, Dr. Feiner taps the invisible dynamics that make people tick and groups click. In your ear and at your side, Dr. Feiner coaches you to achieve the results you want in all areas of your life.



06:39  - “[The private sector] is fragmented but we are the sixth largest economy in the world…We are a huge part of the economy.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

08:35  - “What’s really important is the notion of psychology seems to be still underrepresented in the conversation about human health.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

09:43  - “We have a need for belonging and we have a need for self-expression.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

10:50  - “I think of the idea of performance coaching and mentorship and therapy all about learning about oneself. I think the difference between therapy and coaching, for example, is that therapy is about protecting you from the fall and coaching is about the climb.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

22:40 - “You don’t have to relive painful experiences in order to resolve them.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

24:39  - “We are taught to keep emotion out of decision-making. But the precursor to every decision is emotion. If you have confidence about a decision, that’s an emotion. If you are doubtful about something, that is emotion.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

29:41  - “We had something on each other. I was being naughty. They were being naughty. So we had naughty information about each other. That kept us confidencial.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

33:21  - “Each one of the circles has three imperatives and they’re universal. There’s governance, wealth distribution, and legacy which happens in ownership.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

41:24  - “Healing is health and health is growth and that’s powerful. And sometimes awareness is the byproduct.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner

50:40  - “I’m your first base coach. If you’re running to second base, I want you to get there as badly as you do.” - Dr. Stacy Feiner



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