Intentional Growth

#239: Grasshopper Founder Shares Metrics and Strategies that Earned a $170 Million Sale to Citrix

#239: Grasshopper Founder Shares Metrics and Strategies that Earned a $170 Million Sale to Citrix
Intentional Growth
#239: Grasshopper Founder Shares Metrics and Strategies that Earned a $170 Million Sale to Citrix

On today’s show, we have David Hauser, former founder of Grasshopper — a virtual telephone service — which sold for $165 million in cash and $8M in stock to Citrix. David is a metric master and shares with us some of the marketing and operational strategies that enabled them to grow from zero to $30 million in 12 years. He breaks down how to leverage key metrics like client acquisition costs (CAC) and the lifetime value of a customer (LTV) to exponentially scale a business. We talk about goals, failures and opportunities met along the way as David became a serial entrepreneur and how his ability to keep his learning high and wide-lens helped him stay strong in new markets as an angel investor.


What You Will Learn In Today's Podcast Interview

  • Why David says running a good business is the most valuable — and value-building — thing you can do
  • The missing piece of advice when it’s time to sell your business
  • How to attract business just by acting with integrity and following through on what you say you’ll do
  • The value of doing each job yourself before you hire for the role
  • Why Grasshopper used paid marketing, how much they put into doing it and how they evaluated the outcome
  • The power of routine
  • How David achieved 30% of his business from referrals
  • The way David funded Grasshopper’s growth, the company he took from zero to 30 million, and sold after 12 years
  • Why you should see business profits as growth capital rather than income
  • What blended client acquisition costs (or CAC) are and how to evaluate their efficiency
  • The difference between marginal and total CPA
  • How much can (and should) you spend to catch up on churn
  • Our success metrics and how they fail us while still being what we have to strive for, plus what you can do about that


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About the Guest:

David Hauser is an American entrepreneur, speaker and angel investor. He is best known for co-founding the Grasshopper Group, a virtual telephone service acquired by Citrix Systems for $170 million in 2015. Hauser is a founding member of National Entrepreneurs' Day and has co-founded a number of tech companies, including Grasshopper, Chargify, Spreadable PopSurvey, Deck Foundry and others.




05:05 - “The reason it worked is we were solving our own problem.” – David Hauser

05:33 - “Before we hired anyone for anything, one or both of us did that job.” – David Hauser

08:10 - “The most value in selling a business just comes from operating a good business.” – David Hauser

09:50 - “How do I strip out the income I have to have to live and think about the rest as growth capital.” – David Hauser

11:10 - “I didn’t want to make money on salary. I wanted long-term growth.” – David Hauser 

11:55 - “There’s no additional happiness in that delta.” – David Hauser

18:28 - “The emotional shift from wealth generation to wealth preservation is very hard.” – David Hauser 

24:00 -“Recurring, repeatable revenue is a game-changer.” – David Hauser 

38:00 - “No matter what’s on paper, we’ll always try to do what’s right.” – David Hauser

39:05 - “I think there’s a false narrative around this ‘it needs to be competitive’ kind of thing.” – David Hauser


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