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#224: Owning Your Exit (Part 1): Underground Nightclub Owner Turns Healthcare Tech Entrepreneur

#224: Owning Your Exit (Part 1): Underground Nightclub Owner Turns Healthcare Tech Entrepreneur
Intentional Growth
#224: Owning Your Exit (Part 1): Underground Nightclub Owner Turns Healthcare Tech Entrepreneur

On today’s show, Saud Juman shares why having a gun pulled on him when he was a nightclub owner in Toronto, Canada, caused him to exit the industry, meditate for 10 months, and start a tech healthcare company called PolicyMedical, Inc. that grew to nine figures and eventually sold to Private Equity.

What You Will Learn In Today's Podcast Interview

  • How Saud owned his exit from the nightclub scene after having a gun put in his face.
  • Why Saud started a successful tech healthcare company after 10 months of meditation.
  • Why you should proactively change before some big event happens.
  • How to align your ultimate vision for your life with the one you have for your business.
  • How to recognize the signs that you’re in a “pit” and need to make some changes.
  • The importance of taking time to listen instead of constantly consuming.
  • How meditation can help you get clear on your vision.
  • Why you need to understand your drivers (your “why”) before you build a business. 
  • Why it takes rigor and discipline to be able to hear yourself and take action on what is most important to you.
  • Why negative emotions like shame can spur positive change.
  • How to keep true to your long-term goals while making tactical short-term decisions.
  • Why you should stop and critically assess how each business decision is getting closer to or further from your ultimate goals.


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Podcast Summary

We have quite a treat for you today. In this episode, I’m talking with Saud Juman as he takes us from his first venture in university to transitioning into the nightlife in downtown Toronto, Canada. He details the experiences he had which caused him to reconsider how he was living his life and operating his business, thereby instigating the change that would eventually bring him his greatest success yet—PolicyMedical.

I broke this episode into a two-part series because I think Saud’s story does a great job highlighting why it’s absolutely crucial to understand who you are, what you want from your business and life, and why, before you build your strategic plan to grow and exit the business.

In this episode, Saud and I focus on the story that helped him get clear on his why. The big takeaway from this first part of the series is to listen to yourself first. As Saud puts it, you “own your exit” by knowing your 'why' and putting pen to paper describing what you want before you implement a strategic plan to grow value.

It’s that focus that allows you to clear obstacles from your path as you execute on the strategies that get you to your goals. It takes rigor and discipline to maintain this focus and to really listen to your thoughts. 

There’s nothing more eye opening to make you realize what matters to you in life than an unforeseen event that changes your situation and limits your choices. The key is to have a valuable business that gives you the chance to pivot when necessary, no matter what gets thrown at you or when.


About the Guest:

Saud Juman loves basketball and business. At a young age, his mother encouraged him to get out and form his own league so he could follow his passion. After that, there was no stopping him.Saud created such a successful business in university that he had to find a way to spend their profits or else pay them to the university. He created scholarships, funded trips and events, and found creative ways to give the money back to the students. Fast-forward to today and Saud has grown, run, and sold a multi-national business called PolicyMedical Inc. that developed numerous hospital data management systems trusted by over 3,000 healthcare organizations. He’s passionate about mindset and serving others.



38:21 - “I kept on saying show me the path of excellence I’m supposed to take in order to be of service to others. Because I’ve always had this believe that all of us are supposed to be really great at at least one thing.”

42:06 - “Make no mistake, it takes rigor and discipline to get to that place to hear yourself. You can’t just go on a light little hike and all of a sudden you’ll hear yourself.”

52:12 - “When I feel like it’s time to move onto something different, or bigger… When I start feeling that, that’s when it’s time to own your exit.”

56:59 - “I actually realized after I sold the business, the ingredients that I was chasing in an exit, I had already achieved about three or four years before the exit.”


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