Intentional Growth

#215: How to Integrate Your Entrepreneurial ‘Why’, Conscious Capitalism & Intentional Growth with Ann Dougherty

#215: How to Integrate Your Entrepreneurial ‘Why’, Conscious Capitalism & Intentional Growth with Ann Dougherty
Intentional Growth
#215: How to Integrate Your Entrepreneurial ‘Why’, Conscious Capitalism & Intentional Growth with Ann Dougherty

The world can be a better place if more entrepreneurs can find a way to align the impact they want to make on the world with growing a more valuable business. Anne shares how she is making a dent in the world while benefiting all her stakeholders and creating a lasting business.

What You Will Learn In Today's Podcast Interview

  • How Anne and her team are using social science and human behavior to change the energy industry
  • Why business is the center to make sure people have great lives
  • How to prioritize all your stakeholders’ while growing a more valuable company
  • How to align your personal core values with your company’s core values
  • Ways to use your business as leverage to spread your personal values
  • Why ‘value’ has multiple dimensions
  • How focusing on building a healthy company creates a more valuable business
  • Why we need to break through the narrative that we can’t live great lives while making money and creating a great business
  • Why Anne prioritized a family-centric model when starting her own company
  • Why this model can attract more talented employees
  • How their model appeals to their clients and peers
  • How living misaligned with your values can impact you physically and mentally

Podcast Interview Summary:

Anne shares with us that profit and growth do not need to come at the expense of a business’s stakeholders and their interests; if you can identify your goals and core values, you can integrate them into your company’s model to build an even more successful and long-lasting organization.

Anne and her partner had intentionality from the start of ILLUME when they decided to prioritize the needs and rights of their employees—this decision set the tone for their company’s entire culture and ethos.

This decision has attracted talented employees and fantastic clients, and it also produces exceptional work. In short, Anne and ILLUME are an awesome example of how being intentional about what you want from your business and engineering the company around your values puts you in an upward spiral of success.

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About the Guest:

Anne Dougherty started her career after graduate school in applied consumer product research for fortune 100 companies. She made the shift to the energy industry and used her expertise to examine the human behavior dimension of energy as a consultant. After about ten years in that field, Anne and her business partner decided to start a consulting firm of their own, but with a feminist and family-centric model of business.


Podcast Interview Quotes:

13:08 - “People have an almost mythical relationship with electricity” - Anne Dougherty

22:01 - “I just kinda want to layer in that you and I are both capitalists at heart and that there is a way for us to do all of this” - Ryan Tansom, on the topic of conscious capitalism

25:51 - “We really wanted to create an environment where you could advance based on your ability to get the work done in the time that you committed to and not just in terms of sheer volume of work.” - Anne Dougherty    

45:12 - “Thinking about the value of the company is thinking about the metrics. A highly valuable company is a very healthy company.” - Anne Dougherty


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