Intentional Growth

#203: 3 Steps to Reset Your Sales Strategy & Reach Your Ideal Clients with Gary Braun

Intentional Growth
#203: 3 Steps to Reset Your Sales Strategy & Reach Your Ideal Clients with Gary Braun

If your sales team is just calling and "checking in" with your customers and waiting for things to get back to "normal", and you need to kick your revenue generation back into gear, then this episode is for you.

What You Will Learn in Today’s Podcast Interview:

  • Analyze where opportunity is for revenue
  • Discuss how to put short-term sales plans into place
  • Examine quota and compensation adjustments
  • Review how to effectively make adjustments
  • Revise sales process(es) and messaging
  • How COVID has changed the sales landscape
  • The right and wrong way to check in with customers and clients in the current environment
  • How to determine how customers’ needs have change using the ladder of inference
  • How to remain flexible in order to adapt to new sales and revenue generating opportunities
  • How to find the markets that have been impacted COVID
  • The importance of telling employees at all levels the “why” and “how” of any significant changes in your got to market strategy
  • Strategies to model, reinforce and celebrate new behavior of employees that corresponds with short-term goals
  • Why the value creation mindset should play a role in today’s decisions on short-term issues

Podcast Summary:

Customer needs, traditional selling strategies, and business challenges have all changed.

In this episode, Gary Braun the founder of the strategic sales consulting firm Pivotal Advisors, clearly explains the power of doing more than simply calling to "check in" on customers.

Gary dives into concrete strategies and approaches
that your sales team should do right now to not just maintain and keep the lights on but accelerate your growth and capitalize on market opportunities.

For many companies, the changes in staffing, realignment of territories, and modified goals and metrics accompany the transformation of our day-to-day lives.

Gary shares Pivotal’s three-step process to adjusting your sale approach in this new business environment— and explains how it is meant to recharge your growth.

  1. Analyze
  2. Realign
  3. Execute

Using this framework, you can use these challenging times as an opportunity to identify new avenues to support existing clients and to seek out new clients with different needs you can now fulfill.

Gary and I talk about how to develop new data-driven strategies to support current clients, and the importance of keeping your company’s long-term plans and growth in mind.

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About the Guest:

Gary is a founder and co-owner of Pivotal Advisors. He works with organizations to help them scale and grow and helps them define where growth is coming from, helps them hire and/or develop the sales team, identify ideal clients and markets, and leverage true dierentiators (even in commodity markets). He also implements sales processes, targets specific KPIs, increases activity, creates and applies sales compensation plans, and develops sales leadership skills.

Previous Experience Before Pivotal Advisors, Gary worked for 20+ years as a salesperson and sales leader (in various industries, products / services and size companies). One of the experiences Gary pulls from is his track record of helping scale a company from $1MM to $400MM in revenue where he learned how to implement repeatable systems and process.


13:39 – “Whenever there’s a lot of change like that, there’s a lot of opportunity to do something.” – Gary Braun

16:50 – “[The customer’s] world has changed. You have to understand their new world.” – Gary Braun

41:43 – “We don’t let our short term tactics ruin our long term strategies.” – Gary Braun, on making changes in a company.

54:00 – “They have to understand that we’re all in this together. They have to understand the problem and that we’re all marching in the same direction and how to do that..” – Gary Braun

Links and Resources:

Gary Braun, LinkedIn

Pivotal Advisors, website

Gary Braun, email:

Gary Braun, Twitter

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