Intentional Growth

#175: How to Save Yourself Millions in Your Exit by Hiring the Right Team of Advisors

Intentional Growth
#175: How to Save Yourself Millions in Your Exit by Hiring the Right Team of Advisors

Today we are talking to tax strategy and asset protection specialist Todd Ganos. We’re talking about tax law and how to be both compliant but also save the most on taxes. Todd and I talk about how to facilitate and optimize a plan in order for you to get exactly what you want each year. We also talk about some of the stories Todd has run across, where clients and business owners have lost out on millions of dollars when they don’t think far enough ahead. 

What you will learn:

  • Who is Todd and what experience does he have?
  • Stories and situations where people lose millions of dollars when they don’t think ahead
  • Different ways to get your advisors to collaborate
  • How to facilitate and optimize your plan
  • How to get the best outcome and save the most on taxes
  • How to build the plan that gets you what you want
  • What is an advanced ruling? What are the treasury regulations?
  • The difference between tax attorneys versus advisors versus accountants


”If you understand what good looks like, you can hire the right people because you know what you’re trying to get to.” - Ryan

“If someone responds in a defensive way, you know they’re probably wrong or they don’t know how to be wrong--which is a problem regardless.” - Ryan

“The goal is now--before you pull the ripcord (years before!)--start building your team around you so you can optimize your plan.” - Ryan


If you understand what you want and what you’re trying to sell for, you can watch out and look for the right tax attorney for you. You don’t have to be an expert in all the different strategies (from legal to taxes). Your main goal, as an owner, is to hire the right people and get people next to you, who are the smartest in their field, who don’t have big egos, and that know how to collaborate. And if they don’t know an answer to a question, they’re going to collaborate with all of the other designations and they’re going to go find the different ways that they can go optimize your plan for you.

Links and Resources:

Todd Ganos, Forbes column

Integrated Wealth, website

Todd Ganos, email:

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 About Todd:

Todd started out as an Air Force Officer but now helps owners of middle-market companies gain control over and understanding of their firm's finances, enhance their firm's cash flow and value and reduce the tax burden on the sale of their firm. His passion lies in tax law and helping others.

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