Intentional Growth

#169: How to Build a Company that Manages Itself: Living in the Owner's Box after Implementing EOS

Intentional Growth
#169: How to Build a Company that Manages Itself: Living in the Owner's Box after Implementing EOS


On today’s episode, I’m talking with Tech Guru founder and EOS expert, Daniel Moshe. We’re talking about how he started his business, how he grew it, how he balanced and dealt with personal and professional challenges. We also go over his business partner (Micah Thor), how he followed his passion, and his return on capital. 

When Daniel was going through burnout, he was able to make the hard decisions rather than just having a knee-jerk reaction. He could have the difficult discussion, implement EOS, decouple ownership from management, and put a plan in place.

What you will learn:

  • Daniel’s background as an entrepreneur
  • The story behind Tech Guru
  • Daniel’s other passion: working with 14 entrepreneurial leadership teams by helping them build their dream businesses
  • The concept that you are not your business
  • Daniel’s path to that realization
  • Delegating and elevating to your unique ability
  • The importance of a great business partner
  • The difference between ownership and W2 pay
  • Daniel’s experience with EOS
  • The biggest challenges that Daniel’s clients deal with
  • How to find your purpose and meaning outside of business
  • “Clarity Breaks”
  • Daniel’s advice for anyone who’s in the middle of “The Chaos”


How can you develop a life after business while still owning and running a business? How can you reframe your mindset so you can see that your business is merely an asset? You can run your business (on autopilot) while you pursue other passions.

Links and Resources:

Daniel Moshe, LinkedIn

Strong In Six

ARKONA Boot Camp

Reach out to me if you have questions about the boot camp! 

You can also reach out to me via email at or on my LinkedIn

About Daniel:

Daniel is passionate about entrepreneurship and small business and equips leadership teams with the tools and technologies to grow their companies. As founder and CEO of nationwide CPA IT service firm Tech Guru, Daniel, and his team deliver CTO-level strategy to accounting firms seeking innovative technology resources and guidance. With his company Strong in Six, Daniel is a Certified EOS Implementer, enabling leadership teams to get what they want from their businesses with simple, practical tools.

Daniel’s reach includes speaking at conferences, teaching webinars, and as a podcast host in the fields of technology and business leadership. His initiatives at Tech Guru to donate IT services to impactful nonprofits have made Daniel known as the Caring Entrepreneur.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys quality time with his two young sons, coaching the next generation of entrepreneurs with Entrepreneurs Organization's Accelerator program, motorcycles, and flying.

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