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#166: What I Learned From Selling My Business & What I Will Do Differently Next Time with Dan Cooper

My guest today is Dan Cooper, an author and entrepreneur. We talk about the book Dan has co-written (“Sharpen: A Guidebook for Business Ownership and Adventures in Leadership”), “plain glass versus stained glass”, his experiences in business ownership, his transition from being a CEO to life after business, part of his soul-searching journey, and his advice about looking in the mirror. What is the point of gaining the world if you lose your soul?

What you will learn:

  • Dan’s book and his entrepreneurial history 
  • How Dan co-founded ej4 (“YouTube for the Enterprise”)
  • “Riding the Wave” versus having a plan
  • How Dan changed his business model (service-based to training/content-based)
  • Dan’s process in growing his business
  • Dan’s “looking up” moment
  • Being the CEO of a successful company to “just being a dude”
  • What Dan learned and what he would have done differently
  • The importance of the coffee-lunch call, circles, and life plans
  • How Dan learned what he wanted from business (outside of money)
  • Why your ego is getting in your way and in the way of your business
  • What executive coaching can do for you
  • How can we use our businesses for good?
  • How to look at how you are spending your time
  • Dan’s definition of leadership
  • Dan’s advice for “past Dan”


What is the ultimate goal of your company? How can you look in the mirror, set your ego aside, and address what is actually there for you and your business? Ways you can use your business to calculate your return on impact. What is making you happy? How can your business affect that? How are you married to your business?

Links and Resources:

Dan Cooper, LinkedIn


Sharpen, Website

Sharpen: A Guidebook for Business Ownership and Adventures in Leadership”, Amazon


ARKONA Boot Camp

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About Dan

Dan Cooper founded, grew, and transitioned a successful video-based online training business. Dan has always been fascinated by leadership, management, sales, culture, revenue generation, and profit maximization and all types of frameworks and models. He is a product of a decade of seeing hundreds of companies train hundreds of thousands of employees and an entrepreneur who likes to build community and connections. 

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