Intentional Growth

#165: Conscious Capitalism: Inside the Movement

Intentional Growth
#165: Conscious Capitalism: Inside the Movement

Today’s guests are Alexander McCobin (CEO of Conscious Capitalism) and Dan Golden (owner of BFO). We’re talking about “Conscious Capitalism”, a book and movement that I’ve mentioned a lot on the show. Alexander, Dan, and I talk about what got us into the movement, the fundamentals of the movement, how capitalism and “doing good” can overlap, and how to make these conscious decisions.

What you will learn:

  • Alexander’s background
  • Dan’s background
  • What is the “Conscious Capitalism” movement?
  • The four principles of conscious capitalism
  • How to improve the value of your company
  • Short-term versus long-term decisions
  • Tangible examples of conscious decisions by companies, which create value for people
  • How Conscious Capitalism helps businesses make changes
  • The future vision for conscious capitalism


How can you do good and make money at the same time? Find out how conscious capitalism helps you with your exit strategy, avoid burnout, and find out how to grow yourself and your company in a way that fulfills you.

Links and Resources:

Conscious Capitalism, the website

Conscious Capitalism, the book


Alexander McCobin

Dan Golden

The Conscious Capitalism 2019 CEO Summit

ARKONA Boot Camp

Reach out to me if you have questions about the boot camp!

About Alexander and Dan

Alexander McCobin is CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.,  dedicated to elevating humanity by improving the practice and perception of business. Capitalism is fundamentally a human endeavor, it is the way for human beings to ethically engage with and help one another. This underlying insight of Conscious Capitalism differentiates it from so many other approaches to business and economics and is needed now more than ever.

Alexander holds a BA in philosophy and economics from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MA in philosophy from Georgetown University.

Dan Golden is a veteran digital marketing executive & speaker known for famously and accurately predicting that last year, this year, and next year will all be the “year of mobile.”  Dan is a digital marketing geek at heart and still spends time auditing accounts, testing new tactics, diving into analytics, and making strategic recommendations for his clients. As President and Co-Founder, Dan has lead Be Found Online (BFO) to 6 straight years on the Inc. 5,000 list, a finalist for Best Large PPC and SEO agency at the US Search Awards and was recognized as the #1 Best Place to Work according to AdAge.

Dan has spent time on the client-side, at the largest search agency and at Google before launching BFO. BFO has continued its pedigree with work on Nissan, Autonation, & LotLinx.

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