Intentional Growth

#164: What Should I Do with the Company That I've Built?

Intentional Growth
#164: What Should I Do with the Company That I've Built?

Today’s guest is Hannah Paramore, the founder of Paramore Digital. We’re talking about what you can do before you hit burnout and what you can do with your business after you’ve built it. 

What you will learn:

  • Hannah’s professional background
  • What it was like as she started her first company
  • Where Hannah was when she realized her relationship with business changed
  • What to do when you lose your energy?
  • What are the signs that you’re jaded with your company?
  • Hannah’s exit process
  • The emotional impact of the integration process after closing
  • Phantom anxiety and indignities
  • Rebuilding identities after closing
  • Finding the sense of accomplishment outside of business
  • Hannah’s advice for entrepreneurs before burnout


If you’re the CEO, losing confidence about the business can make it difficult to come in every Monday. How do you separate yourself emotionally from your business so you can see it as an asset? What should you do with what you’ve built?

Links and Resources:

Hannah Paramore, website

Hannah Paramore, LinkedIn

Hannah Paramore, Instagram

Hannah Paramore, Twitter

Hannah Paramore, Facebook

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 About Hannah:

Hannah was raised in a church, by a housewife mother and a preacher father. She worked her way up through administration and middle management in various companies. After four layoffs in two years (after the dotcom bubble burst), she decided to take on her own contract job. A few years later, she realized that she had built a great client list, hired employees, and had started a company on her own. 

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