Intentional Growth

#163: Rebuilding with Purpose: How Growth and Burnout Can Lead to a Better Business Model

Intentional Growth
#163: Rebuilding with Purpose: How Growth and Burnout Can Lead to a Better Business Model

Today I’m talking with Mike Sowers about his emotional journey as an entrepreneur. From starting, building, systematizing, and selling his first company, to reinventing himself, Mike shares his story in an authentic and real way. Hear about the whole process without the rose-colored glasses.

What you will learn:

  • Mike’s full journey as an entrepreneur
  • How Mike systematized, grew, and sold his first company
  • The importance of knowing what your strengths are (in leadership/business)
  • The investment, timeframe, and the process of building a systemization
  • Business and parenting (and lessons Mike learned from his mother)
  • How Mike reinvented himself and how he found his calling in life
  • How introspection and business work together
  • Getting from “Someday I will…” to following your passion while working with your business
  • The real emotional toll of possibly selling your business
  • The reason behind creating a platform like the CREative Commercial Real Estate Show
  • The importance of doing good by people
  • Why Mike is going to the ARKONA Boot Camp


Understand what you’re dealing with so you can learn how to process these different things financially and emotionally before you sell your company. 

Links and Resources:

Mike Sowers:

Commercial Investors Group Facebook Page 

CREative Commercial Real Estate Show

The Commercial Investors Group

Simon Sinek’s “The Infinite Game

Northstar Real Estate Conference

ARKONA Boot Camp 

About Mike:

Mike believes he was called to humbly and gratefully find pathways to creatively unlock potential in people, places, and ideas. He is the Managing Partner and CEO of Commercial Investors Group and hosts the "This Old Building" TV Show and the "CREative Commercial Real Estate" Podcast! His firm, Commercial Investors Group, is a full service commercial real estate developer that also does brokerage, construction, property management, and education. The firm specializes in repositioning value-add projects in the industrial, office, and mixed-use spaces, sometimes using historic tax credits. Mike did the first commercial real estate crowdfund in MN in Nov 2018. Mike is also a speaker on real estate, entrepreneurship, and finance topics and is currently writing a book on commercial real estate. His hobbies are traveling the world with his wife Lisa, playing guitar at Passion church, volleyball, kiteboarding, Backcountry snowmobiling, taking seminars, and boating.

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