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#160: Get Your Business Out of Your Brain & Increase the Value of Your Company

Today I’m talking with Chris Ronzio. He is an author, a coach, a speaker, an investor, and an entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of a tool for growing businesses, called Trainual, as well as a business consulting agency, called Organize Chaos.

What you will learn:

  • How Chris fell in love with entrepreneurship 
  • How to effectively and smoothly sell a business
  • Finding a hidden value of your business
  • The importance of “There has to be a better way”
  • How Chris builds a business
  • Why a playbook is important
  • The first steps in order to adopt a playbook


You need to capture the things you and your employees have learned in your business. The asset in your business is your knowledge of the business.

Links and Resources:

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About Chris:

Chris Ronzio started his first business when he was 14, and throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he developed a passion for technology, efficiency, and making business easier. Chris spent a decade building a national video production company that would net over $3 million and sold that business before turning 25, at which point he started a consulting agency called Organize Chaos. After working directly with hundreds of entrepreneurs, Chris and his team created a software tool to help organize small and growing businesses.

He is also an investor, part-owner, and/or on the board of 5 other companies, an Inc Magazine columnist, and the author of “100 Hacks To Improve Your Business.” As a speaker, Chris combines his experience as a life-long diabetic, a serial entrepreneur, startup leader, and athlete to share unique lessons and actionable insights that resonate with all types of professional audiences.

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