Intentional Growth

--- Ryan Tansom ---

Intentional Growth™ is a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to clarify a path toward a more valuable business and turn their vision into reality. Weekly, content-rich episodes provide you with information on how to get clear on what you want from the business and why, the way companies are valued, strategies to increase that value, and the variety of ways you can transition your role or exit your ownership. From technical episodes dissecting the inner-workings of private equity and ESOPs to intense discussions with authors and thought leaders like Gino Wickman, John Warrillow, Jack Stack, Todd Herman, Chris Yeh and Alan Beaulieu, this podcast is full of information you need to stay competitive in today’s market. The goal of the show? To help entrepreneurs enjoy work, create wealth and make an impact. By creating sustainable, predictable, and transferable cash flow, you will create a valuable company that gives you choices to grow, acquire, reinvest, or exit and live the life you planned for — all with intention.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Increase Your EBITDA by 15%

    We speak to a man who has been there and done it… from the business buyer to the eventual seller of his own company.  Jamison West overhaul his business model from the traditional IT, time and material (trading dollars for hours), to the new Managed IT Services monthly recurring model. ...


  2. Data is Crucial When You Sell Your Company

    We’ve got a seriously wise man on the show this week. Not only did he sell his business for way more than the original offer, he then strategically mapped out the framework for his second half and he is having a blast doing it! Rob’s goal for his life after business ...


  3. The Ripple Effect - 10 Years of EY's Winning Women Podcast

    I run a podcast that is meant to help business owners have a successful exit that keeps their needs, post-exit, in mind. When I met Lisa Schiffman, I was amazed by the type of work she and her business partners are focused on doing for women in business — particularly ...


  4. Do You Want to Be King or Do You Want to Be Rich?

    We’ve had some excellent discussions about the many benefits that an ESOP can bring, so we thought it was time to go in-depth with someone about their own ESOP exit journey. Having built up her own highly successful SEO business, Nina Hale has now begun her second half and is in ...


  5. Business Valuation Doesn’t Matter, It’s All About the Terms

    Valuations, Gross Sale Price and Net Proceeds… What Really Matters? I had a great conversation with Scott Miller in this episode and we tackle some of the most important concerns every business owner have has when transitioning their company, how does gross dollar amount turn into net proceeds in the bank? AND how long does ...