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Intentional Growth™ is a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow the value of their business, create exit options and maximize their take home dollars WHILE leaving a legacy they are proud of. With over 300,000 downloads and thousands each week, Ryan Tansom’s mission is to bring you all the information he wishes he had before they sold their business. By interviewing entrepreneurs who’ve had 6, 7, 8 and 9 figure exits, top thought leaders and authors (from Forbes, Inc. HBR, EY, EO and EOS to name a few), technical advisors, and many others, you’ll get clarity on your target valuation and best exit option so you can control your journey into a life after business. The goal? Clarity and control. Create a company that kicks out cash, gives you the life you want to live, exit options to sell when you want, for how much you want and to the buyer of your choice so you can leave a legacy.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #246: What does it take for a company to survive for 100 years in the United States?

    There are few clubs as elite as the Century Club, and today’s guest is going to share what it takes to get there. Vicki TenHaken focused her career on the factors that make companies long-lived and boiled them down to five key things Century Club companies do consistently: Have a clear ...


  2. #245: Understanding the Customer Profitability Curve: Focus on the Right Clients to Grow Enterprise Value

    Do you know how much money you are wasting on inefficiencies inside your customer base? On today’s show, we’re learning all about the Customer Profitability Framework and what you can do—today—to make a real impact on your bottom line while also increasing the value of your business. If you don’t ...


  3. #244: Dan Martell: From Criminal to SaaS Master, Serial Entrepreneur and Unicorn Investor

    If you’ve ever had doubts about how far you can go in life and in business because of how you started, this episode for you. Today’s guest is Dan Martell. Dan is the best-known name in SaaS, but did you know he was notorious in other ways before that? His ...


  4. #243: What it Takes to Be Unapologetically Ambitious with Shellye Archambeau

    Want to know what it took for a Black woman CEO to succeed in Silicon Valley in the early IBM years — and still be at the top of her game today?  If you’ve ever felt like you’re facing insurmountable odds, this episode is for you. Shellye Archambeau ...


  5. #242: Is There Such a Thing as Growing Your Company Too Fast?

    Today’s show is all about growth rate: the rate you should target, how to identify that rate, what you can do to manage your growth and how much you can expect that growth to cost you. Listen in as Kevin Trout, former founder and owner of Grandview Medical Resources, ...