Divestopedia Co-founder Talks Valuations

July 19, 2017

Do you have a realistic valuation of your company? A lot of business owners never actually know what their company is worth until they go to sell their business. It is important to know this earlier to be able to figure out what exit option makes the most sense. John Carvalho, president and founder of the middle market M&A advisory firm, Stone Oak Capital, as well as co-founder of

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What is a Family Office?

July 12, 2017

Richard Wilson creates and manages single family offices for ultra-wealthy families. He also is the founder of the Family Office Club with membership of over 1,500 families of similar net worth totaling over $1 Trillion in Assets. He started off doing risk consulting out of college and joined the angel investing and capital raising world before positioning himself as the thought leader on family offices. If you listen,...

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Designing Your Key Employee Golden Handcuffs

July 05, 2017

Dyanne Ross-Hanson started Exit Planning Strategies in 2005 when she realized the business owners that she worked with didn’t give much thought to how they were actually going to get out of their businesses. She saw a need to educate these owners and develop intentional plans for ownership transition. If you listen, you will learn: Why rewarding and retaining key employees is so important Four design variables of an incentive program for...

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Always Be Ready to Sell

June 28, 2017

Stuart Sorkin is a lawyer and CPA who spent many years working for large accounting firms before starting his own law practice. His broad range of experience allows him to see how tax, financial, and estate planning are intertwined and become extremely important when selling a business. He took everything he learned working with large clients on business plans and estate planning and co-wrote a book called “Expensive Mistakes When Buying and Selling C...

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Getting Acquired by Google

June 22, 2017

Mike Nunez founded AffiliateManager.com with his brother but always wanted to work for Channel Intelligence in Orlando. After a random encounter with the CEO of Channel Intelligence, he was called up to work for them. Six years later Channel Intelligence was acquired by Google for $125 million in an all-cash deal. Now Mike’s back growing AffilateManager.com into an industry leader by applying all the techniques he learned selling to Google. ...

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