Intentional Growth

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Intentional Growth™ is a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to clarify a path toward a more valuable business and turn their vision into reality. Weekly, content-rich episodes provide you with information on how to get clear on what you want from the business and why, the way companies are valued, strategies to increase that value, and the variety of ways you can transition your role or exit your ownership. From technical episodes dissecting the inner-workings of private equity and ESOPs to intense discussions with authors and thought leaders like Gino Wickman, John Warrillow, Jack Stack, Todd Herman, Chris Yeh and Alan Beaulieu, this podcast is full of information you need to stay competitive in today’s market. The goal of the show? To help entrepreneurs enjoy work, create wealth and make an impact. By creating sustainable, predictable, and transferable cash flow, you will create a valuable company that gives you choices to grow, acquire, reinvest, or exit and live the life you planned for — all with intention.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. #226: Shift Your Mindset: Quit Solving for Annual Income & Start Growing a More Valuable Business

    Many business owners and entrepreneurs want to know how much money they can pull out of the business (and how little they can pay in taxes!) each year. This strategy can make sense... however, what if you’re walking over dollars to pick up pennies? Today’s episode is all about how to ...


  2. #225: Owning Your Exit (Part 2): How Saud Pivoted PolicyMedical, Grew Exponentially and Sold to Private Equity

    This is Part 2 of a 2-part series with Saud Juman, who last week shared his sensational journey on becoming intentional. This week, we talk brass tacks about pivoting his business model, exponentially growing into a multi-national company and his eventual exit to private equity—all while staying true ...


  3. #224: Owning Your Exit (Part 1): Underground Nightclub Owner Turns Healthcare Tech Entrepreneur

    On today’s show, Saud Juman shares why having a gun pulled on him when he was a nightclub owner in Toronto, Canada, caused him to exit the industry, meditate for 10 months, and start a tech healthcare company called PolicyMedical, Inc. that grew to nine figures and eventually sold to ...


  4. #223: Scale Up Your Business Using the 6 Peaks of Value Creation with Nick Bradley

    Are you mentally prepared to do everything in your power to clarify your vision and execute on that vision, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you or how many times you fail? Nick Bradley, who has sold 22 businesses for more than $5.2 billion in his lifetime (and the last for ...


  5. #222: The Ultimate Guide to Executive Compensation Plans: Aligning Short- and Long-Term Incentives to Value Creation

    Today’s episode is all about designing the most effective executive compensation structures while avoiding the most common mistakes. Craig shares how to come up with the perfect formula (designed off the financials and not some insurance product) that rewards employees in the short- and long-term, increases the value of your ...