What I Learned From Selling My Business & What I Will Do Differently Next Time with Dan Cooper

October 09, 2019
My guest today is Dan Cooper, an author and entrepreneur. We talk about the book Dan has co-written (“Sharpen: A Guidebook for Business Ownership and Adventures in Leadership”), “plain glass versus stained glass”, his experiences in business ownership, his transition from being a CEO to life after business, part of his soul-searching journey, and his advice about looking in the mirror. What is the point of gaining the world if you lose y...
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Conscious Capitalism: Inside the Movement

October 02, 2019
Today’s guests are Alexander McCobin (CEO of Conscious Capitalism) and Dan Golden (owner of BFO). We’re talking about “Conscious Capitalism”, a book and movement that I’ve mentioned a lot on the show. Alexander, Dan, and I talk about what got us into the movement, the fundamentals of the movement, how capitalism and “doing good” can overlap, and how to make these conscious decisions. What you will...
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What Should I Do with the Company That I've Built?

September 25, 2019
Today’s guest is Hannah Paramore, the founder of Paramore Digital. We’re talking about what you can do before you hit burnout and what you can do with your business after you’ve built it.  What you will learn: Hannah’s professional background What it was l...
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Rebuilding with Purpose: How Growth and Burnout Can Lead to a Better Business Model

September 18, 2019
Today I’m talking with Mike Sowers about his emotional journey as an entrepreneur. From starting, building, systematizing, and selling his first company, to reinventing himself, Mike shares his story in an authentic and real way. Hear about the whole process without the rose-colored glasses. What you will learn: Mike’s full journey as an entrepre...
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What is an ESOP: A Deep Dive on How Employee Stock Ownership Plans Work

September 11, 2019
Today I’m talking about ESOPs (or Employee Stock Ownership Plans) with Dave Diehl, CFA. Dave is the CEO of Prairie Capital Advisors (one of the leading ESOP specialists in the country), based out of Chicago. Prairie Captial is unique because of their range of expertise, which covers both ESOPs as well as selling to a private equity firm. They really have the best interest of the client in mind. Dave talks about the basics of ESOPs in layman’s terms...
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