Owner of Drip Sells to Leadpages Without Losing Sight of his Principles

February 08, 2018

My guest today is Rob Walling. Rob is a serial entrepreneur that built one of the most successful ecommerce marketing platforms on the market, maybe you’ve heard of it… Drip. We discuss Rob’s early entry into the world of business and how he became a giant in the tech space. He lives by 3 main principles that have guided him on his entrepreneurial journey. He shares why these principles are so import...

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How to Sell a Company and be Happy in a Life After

February 01, 2018

Do you know what role your business plays in your life? Building a business is like building a safety net; not only can you build your financial freedom, but you can also change your life and the lives of the people around you while having fun and enjoying yourself. Today we’ll be talking to Marcelo De Fuentes. He started his own market research company after getting laid off in the 1990s. He’s going to talk to us ab...

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3 Things in a Great Business Exit

January 25, 2018

What does a great exit look like? How do you accomplish one? Geoff Green is on the show today who is the author of The Smart Business Exit. Geoff started off his career as an M&A attorney and has been a business advisor, value building advisor, and exit strategist for over 30 years. We talk about the different variables needed to build a sustainable business that is highly transferrable and valuable. Geoff explains how n...

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Negotiating the Sale of Your Business as if Your Life Depends on it

January 18, 2018

Do you want to be armed with the best negotiation practices and strategies before bringing your company to market? Today we’re going to be talking to Chris Voss, FBI veteran, CEO of the Black Swan Group, and author of Never Split the Difference, which was named one of the seven best books on negotiation. You’re going to learn how to get the best deal for yourself from one of the best negotiators on the planet. We’re going to...

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Transferring the Family Business

January 04, 2018

Have you ever heard about the statistics surrounding transferring a family business? There’s the daunting 30-13-3 rule, which means that 30 percent of companies successfully pass to the second generation of a family, 10 percent to the third, and 3 percent to the fourth. Today we’re going to talk about how family businesses have better longevity than other types of businesses Our guests today ar...

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