The Perfect Exit

June 14, 2017

Fresh out of college with the urging of his Dad, Tim Keran took over the daily operations and management of the family printing business, Western Graphics. He quickly grew the company from $3 million in revenue with 25 employees to $11 million with over 50 employees at its peak. If you listen, you will learn: How Tim used professional management techniques to run the family business Open-book management practices

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Using an Exit to Fund Another Venture

May 31, 2017

Dan Faggella founded a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy to pay for college and grad school which sparked the idea for his eCommerce business, Science of Skill. Science of Skill was created for the sole purpose of eventually selling it and using the exit money to fund an artificial intelligence market research company. He grew Science of Skill past $2 million in revenue, sold it in 2017, and TechEmergence was born completely funded by the exit. If you listen,...

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Deciding to Sell and What Comes Next

May 24, 2017

Mark Raderstorf is a Rehabilitation Psychologist by training and lifelong entrepreneur by choice. Mark was working at the University of Minnesota Medical School and decided to launch into private practice back in the 1980’s. He founded Behavioral Medical Interventions, Inc. (BMI), a disability management company and national provider of psychiatric and physical disability management services. For the next 15 years before selling the business, he helped people with injuries or disabilities in...

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5 Bold Choices For You & Your Business

May 17, 2017

Jay Coughlan, former CEO of Lawson Software, took the company public at $200 million and grew the revenue to $430 million. Besides CEO of Lawson Software, he is also known for other titles including former CEO of XRS Corporation, a father, a son, and a convicted felon. After a devastating accident, Jay spent time in jail and completely redefined his life. If you listen, you will learn:  The five bold choices to he...

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Understanding Your Customer & Defining Progress

May 10, 2017

Bob Moesta, current President and Cofounder of The ReWired Group, created the Jobs To Be Done Theory along with Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen. The theory has successfully helped Moesta start, build, and sell several startups and launch over 3,500 products over the years. It is the main method used in his current occupation which helps business owners reevaluate their companies and drives them to really understand their customer...

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