2018 Life After Business Recap & The 5 GEXP Principles

December 26, 2018

With 2018 coming to a close and the Life After Business podcast in the middle of it’s second year, I figured it was time for an update on how the podcast has been doing and what my favorite episodes were in light of our 5 Growth and Exit Planning Principles. Podcast stats and updates as of Dec 2018: 125 episodes have been recorded A new episode has been...

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Growing and Selling a Company: Stories from Before, During and After the Exit

December 20, 2018

Tom Heller is a former business owner who reached out to me on LinkedIn. He joins me to tell me about his purchase and sale of his printing company. We discuss how he became an entrepreneur,  how he found the company that would become the core of his identity, and how he began to untangling himself from the business to sell it. Tom’s story is a really common story and he is a great example of how to move forward after your sale. He shares how his life has changed and what h...

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Why Your Reputation is Crucial in Your Exit

December 13, 2018

Mike Mooney, the author of Reputation Shift joins me today to discuss something that affects all of us. Reputation. We discuss how your reputation affects your business, your sale prospects, your future connections, and a ton of other things you don’t think about. Mike defines what reputation means to him and how you can be more aware of your own reputation. What you will learn: Mike’s background in the motorsports industry. The...

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The Acquisition Entrepreneur: Buying Companies and Growing Value

December 06, 2018

Walker Deibel began his entrepreneurial journey like a lot of us, with a startup. But by 2004 Walker had found a far more effective business model called acquisition al entrepreneurship. During today’s episode, Walker tells me how he stumbled onto acquisitional entrepreneurship. We also discuss what he looks for in a potential purchase. He promotes his book on the subject Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game and shares what he hopes to...

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Why You Should Sell The Family Business

November 29, 2018

Dr. Tom Deans and I discuss a topic that is way too common in the business world. Gifted family businesses. This traditional approach to business is still very much alive and well, but Tom is of the opinion it is a practice that needs to die. The author of Every Family’s Business is a firm believer that every business should be sold, including to family members. Tom presents a logical and compelling argument that business owners need to get out of their own way and allo...

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